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10285 County Road 4
Gulnare, CO 81089
MOUNTAIN LODGE AND STABLES: VIEWS, MTN FRESH AIR and Room For Everyone! 35ac; Develop income potential - 2bth/2bdrm owner/mgr. home /w bsmt. 6 unit lodge; pad/utilities site for rv or manuf home. Well-maintnd grav road accesses State Park. Clean lodge and home furnishings available; restuarant refrig. unit, other appliances. Some fixing up reqd. INQUIRE FOR DETAILS! Call Dave or Tori 719-846-2291 OR cells: Dave 719-859-2535; Tori 719-859-6995
Property Details
35.00 Acres
8 bedrooms(s)
8 bathroom(s)
Contact Information
Higbee Realty LLC

David Shier
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